Author: John O'Connor ( lushcoltrane@yahoo.com )

Series: Enterprise/TOS

Code: T'Pol/other

Rating: NC-17 for graphic lesbian sex.

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Summary: T'Pol shows a young cadet the benefits of emotional control.

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by John O'Connor


The tall, raven-haired officer lay quietly, one arm gently holding her lover close. She stared unseeing at the ceiling panels of her quarters, illuminated by the myriad candles around the room. Her thoughts, as often happened after a session of love-making but rarely at any other time, drifted aimlessly back to the most memorable love of her life...

* * * * * *

Planet Vulcan, 2236 AD (Earth standard)

The cadet paused on the gently-ascending slope, breathing hard and perspiring worse than she ever had. Worse than even the Academy survival course in Death Valley when she was a plebe.

The heat and the thin air seemed to conspire against human physiology, even her engineered physiology. Grabbing the small canteen on her belt, she put it to her lips. It was such a temptation to drain the lukewarm water but she merely took enough to moisten the inside of her mouth before sealing the container and returning it to her belt.

She shielded her eyes from the glare of Vulcan sun and looked towards the summit. Fortunately it was closer than she had thought. Unfortunately, the way ahead steepened and the ground grew rougher and more rocky. Even worse, her mentor was already at the summit looking down on her.

Wiping the perspiration from her forehead, she shrugged her backpack into a slightly more comfortable position and started to trudge in the direction of the older Vulcan.

"Cadet, you must overcome this weakness for heat and thin atmospheres. In a combat situation, you might very well not have the opportunity to stop and drink from your flask." The Vulcan had started speaking even before the girl had reached her.

"My apologies, T'Pol," she said sarcastically. "My people come from a different climate and it takes more than a standard day to acclimate."

"Your weakness could be your undoing. I saw many fall during the Earth-Romulan War unnecessarily. You must overcome these weaknesses. Pain, thirst, fatigue, all can be overcome," T'Pol stated, raising a dark eyebrow slightly.

"If we ignore pain or thirst, we could just as easily kill ourselves. They are indicators of what our bodies need," the cadet countered.

"I did not say ignore these feelings. Control. You must learn when to give in to them and when not to." T'Pol paused for a moment. "I suppose it would be illogical to expect you to be able to differentiate between your body's needs and it's wants. Most humanoid species can not."

The younger woman was getting angry, the heat and the stoicism of the Vulcan woman before her combined to overcome her deference to authority learned through Academy training. "What the hell do you know about humans? You people are cold, calculating machines! The only emotions or feelings you've ever shown were pride and disdain." Turning away, she muttered under her breath, "Fucking ice-blooded bitch! I wish I'd been sent to Andoria..."

T'Pol stood quietly for several long moments before replying to the young human's outburst. "I served many years with humans on Earth's first practical starship. I learned much dealing with my crewmates. I even took a...a lover while aboard the Enterprise."

Thinking she'd heard wrong, the cadet spun around so fast she almost blacked out. Slowly shaking her head, she said, "A lover? I didn't know Vulcans had lovers."

"I am using the human term as there is no real analogy in Vulcan. But we were intimate far beyond the limitations of pon'farr." T'Pol didn't elaborate on the Vulcan mating cycle, it was not for others to know of. Nor the fact that the females could, and often did, act on their physical urges more often than the 7-year span the male Vulcans endured.

"So, who was he?" The student reflected on her recent history courses, "Captain Archer? Malcolm what's-his-name? Tripper?"

"It is unimportant. Let us return to the compound."

"Was it the doctor? Flox?"

The questions went unanswered as T'Pol was already fifty meters down the slope. Retying her long black hair, she followed. "No, couldn't be Flox. He's not human..."

From below, T'Pol's voice drifted up, "Idle speech is counterproductive and will only tire you faster."

"Damn!" the cadet muttered under her breath. She'd be happy when this training camp ended in another eight weeks and she could return to Earth.

That evening, a clear, cold, starry night, she crossed the compound from the small barracks she'd been assigned. T'Pol had summoned her to come to her personal quarters after the evening meal. What did the Ice Queen want now?

The older Vulcan stood in the middle of her room, various lit candles placed in seemingly random order about the place. "I wish to speak with you regarding your attitude. I have seen the reports from your instructors at Star Fleet Academy and know you to be an exceptional student but undisciplined and chaotic. That is the reason you were sent to Vulcan for your off-world training."

The young woman was chagrined. When T'Pol hadn't said anything, she thought that her comment had been missed or ignored. "I... I shouldn't have said..."

T'Pol cut her off. "It does not matter what you said or what your opinion of me is. I have no feelings to injure. What is important, for you and for Star Fleet, is that you learn to control your baser emotions. I will show some techniques of control." Gesturing towards the woven mats on the floor, the Vulcan said, "Sit."

Moving smoothly into the lotus position, the cadet watched with growing irritation as T'Pol sat before her and began to quietly meditate.

Finally, after several minutes of silence, she couldn't help but exclaim, "What good is this? What is this supposed to show me?"

T'Pol opened her eyes, the dark pupils reflected the candlelight. "I had hoped to lead by example. I see that will not be sufficient. Very well."

The woman stood and the cadet marveled at the ease of movement for a woman nearly a Terran century old. Then she berated herself for forgetting Vulcan life spans. This woman was barely middle-aged. And carried the years well, some lines near her eyes, and some gray in her short, bobbed hair. The cadet wondered if her engineering would allow her to look as good when she was that age.

Retrieving a candle from a nearby shelf, T'Pol returned and again sat before the young woman. "Look. Not at the flame but beyond. Close your mind to all else. Concentrate beyond the flame."

The cadet's eyes were still on the shelf. There was a holo of a young, smiling Asian woman. She looked familiar but she couldn't recall why. It was irksome to her.

"Cadet. Cadet!" T'Pol said in a quietly commanding tone. "Please attend to my wishes."

"Yeah, alright. I'll try." She sat and stared at the candle. There was no relaxation, no meditation, just irritation to her eyes from the bright flame.

"You are not looking beyond the object. Do not stare at the flame. See beyond it. Ignore everything but the beyond."

Maybe it was something in the deep Vulcan voice, but the student suddenly was no longer seeing the light, no longer feeling the room around her. All she felt was a deep sensation of warmth and comfort. And the pleasing drone of T'Pol's voice.

The girl woke with a start after falling over sideways onto the floor. What the...? The hike must have taken more out of her than she realized. She hadn't meditated, just fallen asleep.

"Damn! Any more bright ideas?" the student asked with a sneer. She struggled back into a lotus position.

T'Pol, with typical Vulcan smugness the student thought, cocked an eyebrow but said nothing for the moment. Once the girl was settled, the Vulcan began to speak.

"I believe I was too rash to start you on that phase of meditation. I had hoped that your childhood had prepared you for such practices. Obviously I was incorrect in my assumption. Control requires calm. Very well, this was a simple method I used on a crewmate," T'Pol's glance darted to the holo on the shelf, "as we were trapped on a Klingon vessel. Give me your hand..."

The girl noticed T'Pol glancing at the picture but said nothing. She extended her hand and felt T'Pol's warm grip on her wrist. T"Pol's other hand began to trace designs on her palm. "Close your eyes. Imagine you are at sea and the waves are cresting high above you. Now, calm the waves. Calm the storm. Picture the waves growing smaller and smaller until they are little more than gentle swells."

The cadet surprised herself. She could see the stormy ocean and she found she could calm the storm. By happy circumstance, or so she thought, her mental agitation was calmed as well. This was incredible!

"Do you see the sea at peace?"

"Yes. This is remarkable."

"No, merely a simple technique to remain calm."

"Will this work all the time?"

"It is a convenient...first step. I can show you how to achieve this peace and other, deeper methods as well. If you will allow me."

Her earlier irritation and anger effectively gone, the young woman said, "Yes. I want you to show me everything. Can we start now?"

"No. You are obviously fatigued. Return to your quarters and come to me tomorrow." T'Pol rose and helped the younger woman up. "Remember to calm the waves."

"I will. Thank you." T'Pol bowed in farewell as the cadet left her chambers.

She stopped at the door, turned and was about to say something when she saw the Vulcan pick up the holo. There seemed to be a sadness about her, as much as there ever was for a Vulcan. The girl looked down and quietly left T'Pol to her memories.

The next few days were more of the same: stressful, strenuous calisthenics in the thin air and blistering sun followed by simple meditation lessons in T'Pol's quarters after the Vulcan sun had set.

She had to admit to herself, but never to T'Pol, that she had faked her inability to grasp the simplest of relaxation techniques simply because she enjoyed the warmth of the Vulcan's touch. But after several nights of meditation lessons, she knew she wouldn't be able to continue to fool the older woman, if she had at all.

'I want her,' came the amazing discovery to the young woman as she jogged around a large complex of natural hot springs. 'I want her. Sexually.'

The sudden acceptance of her subconscious desires brought her to a halt near a boiling mud pit. While thick, viscous ooze bubbled near her, the cadet stood and observed the older woman now fifty meters from her. It wasn't the fact of T'Pol's gender, she had female lovers before. It was the sudden change in her personal view of her instructor, yesterday she would've sworn she could cheerfully strangle the older woman. Today, she wanted to...

T'Pol noticed her student had halted during the exercise and turned to her. "Is there a problem?" she shouted across the steaming ground.

"Uh, no. No problem! Just catching my breath," she lied.

That evening, after another typical Vulcan meal, she arrived at T'Pol's rather spartan quarters. She commented on the lack of decoration.

"My...friend on Enterprise told me the same thing," T'Pol said, raising her eyebrow in the closest she had to a smile.

"Was this your lover?" she asked.


Picking up the holo, she persisted, "Was this she?"


"She's lovely. I recognize her now. Hoshi Sato, the communications officer. She was an expert translator as I recall."

"She was quite talented. Her gift for different languages was unique among humans. Now, sit. We will continue with your training." T'Pol sat on the mat.

"Tell me about her, please. What happened to her?"

T'Pol closed her eyes for a moment, as if composing herself. "I suppose I must tell you or you will continue to question me and we will accomplish nothing." The younger woman nodded and T'Pol continued, "I will tell you.

"We spent several private times together when we were off-duty as I attempted to teach her relaxation techniques. As a result of personal changes, I was content to be alone but she, with typical human persistence, refused to allow that to happen."

"Personal changes?"

"An arranged marriage was canceled."

"And Hoshi? She seduced you?"

"You seem to see more than most humans. Yes, she seduced me. I was unprepared for this occurrence but, out of curiosity, I decided to allow it."

"How long were you lovers?"

"Several standard years as we served together on Enterprise."

"You must have cared for her quite a bit."

T'Pol looked at the holo for a moment then replied, "I felt...comfortable with her. She was an interesting human. Very reserved, almost Vulcan in some respects. While she was excited by exploring, she was also often quite fearful. The techniques I taught helped but there were times she felt she needed to be embraced. I was willing to assist her."

The cadet snorted a laugh, "But you did love her. You still do."

"Love is an emotion Vulcans do not experience. Nor do we wish to."

"Bullshit." The student seldom swore but found times when Terran invectives seemed to fit.

"I have no reason to lie to you."

"Then, if you don't care, why do you have a holo of her where you can see it? Why won't you look me in the eye when you talk about her?"

"Very well," T'Pol said. She looked at her student and the young woman was surprised. For a very brief moment, she saw pain in the Vulcan's eyes.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean... Please, tell me what happened to her."

T'Pol raised her eyebrow again, as if to say her apologies were not needed. But she did continue, saying simply, "The war."

"The Earth-Romulan War?" T'Pol nodded. "Did she die?"

"When war broke out, I was recalled to Vulcan to aid our leaders in decisions regarding the war. At the time, Vulcan was essentially neutral. Several of us insisted that we should help the Earth and it's colonies. Others recall the humans stance regarding our problems with the Andorians and argued that we stay out. As you know, we remained neutral throughout the conflict."

The cadet wasn't interested in history lessons and said so, "I know what happened during the war. It's a course in itself at the Academy. I want to know about Hoshi."

T'Pol looked at her young pupil with hooded eyes, "She and the Enterprise were in the thick of the fighting. As you know, old-style nuclear weapons were used as well as phase cannons for the few close-range battles that were fought. A nuclear device detonated within a few kilometers of the Enterprise's primary hull. The polarization of the hull plating did little to block the hard radiation. Most of the crew, as was the case in many of the ships that fought the Romulans, were rendered sterile."

"Oh, I didn't know that. It's not in any of the histories."

"It wasn't deemed necessary that the public be given all the facts of the war. There is much that is still classified."

"Yes, I know. I had trouble with my thesis because of that. But, Hoshi?"

"We had talked often before about family. Family meant much to her. As I said, there were aspects of her that were almost Vulcan. She and I had discussed our having a child artificially. We even planned to do so after the war. Then, she was injured. Her injuries complicated the sterility and she would never be able to have children.

"After the war, we met again in San Francisco. She was stronger than I remembered. We tried to resume our relationship but she... The fact that she could no longer bear our child drove a wedge between us. The idea of my carrying our child didn't matter. She wanted... I haven't heard from her in over fifty standard years." T'Pol's voice trailed off and she stood. Walking away from the girl, she picked up the holo image.

The cadet came up behind her and place a hand gently on the Vulcan's shoulder. "Have you been alone all this time?" she whispered.

T'Pol did not respond but her shoulder tensed under the soft touch. She placed her other hand on the older woman's other shoulder and began to gently massage the older woman. She spoke softly as she massaged T'Pol, "Please, let me help. You've done so much for me. Let me help you."

In an equally quiet voice, T'Pol answered, "How?"

She kissed the point of one of T'Pol's ears and the older woman couldn't completely suppress a shudder at the contact. Then, turning the older woman to face her, the dark-haired girl kissed T'Pol gently.

"This is not..."

"Ssh! This is needed. You need it. And I want it. Let it happen."

T'Pol said nothing as the girl kissed her again. Her mouth opened under the insistent tongue. Student and teacher quietly kissed in the candle-lit room.

Opening the Vulcan robe, the girl let her hands slide over the warm, soft flesh of her tutor. Full breasts weighed heavily in her hands. T'Pol gasped at the contact, her breath forced into the other's mouth.

She knew she had T'Pol where she, they both wanted to be. While still exploring the Vulcan woman's mouth, she slid one hand down the flat stomach and to the edge of the tight curls at the juncture of her thighs.

Breaking the kiss, she pushed the robe completely off T'Pol, saying, "I want to see you. All of you."

She was not disappointed. Looking from the cap of short, graying hair to the slender, delicate looking feet, she admired the Vulcan's trim, shapely body. She was captivated. The large breasts still rode high on her chest, capped with perfect areola and hard nipples. Below the slight indentation of her navel, T'Pol had a small triangle of black and gray, the treasure beneath barely hidden by the curly hair.

She leaned over and took a nipple in her mouth. As she started to suckle, T'Pol placed a hand on the back of her head, gently holding her to the woman's breast.

She licked around the edge of the rose-colored areola then the base of the erect nipple before flicking the tip of her tongue across the head of that nipple. This was followed by a gentle nipping tug. The young woman followed this pattern for several minutes as T'Pol's breathing became more and more ragged. Then it was time to do the same on the other breast.

"May I?" she asked. Without waiting for an answer, she knelt before her teacher and kissed the soft skin of her lower stomach. Then she ran her tongue along the line at the top of the salt and pepper pubic hair. The musky aroma of T'Pol's arousal came to her as she traced the edges of the woman's pubic area.

Hearing T'Pol's breath hitch once, she smiled to herself and parted the outer lips to tickle the inner labia with the tip of her tongue. That brief taste made her quickly decide to stop teasing. She wanted to fully experience the older Vulcan.

T'Pol shuddered briefly again as her tongue slid between the lower lips. The taste was unique to her experience, a mix of heady spices with an almost oaken texture. Much like a fine wine. She wanted more and probed deeper into the Vulcan.

T'Pol's hands raked through her long, black hair as she kissed and licked the woman's sex. She gently nuzzled the Vulcan's clitoris with the tip of her nose, bringing another shudder to the normally stoic woman.

Enough of this, she decided after thoroughly exploring the wondrous delights between T'Pol's legs. She slid two finger into T'Pol as her mouth fastened around the hard little clit.

Applying suction to the nubbin as well as her tongue, she spread her fingers in the wet, velvety heat wide before sliding a third into the tight hole. The combination broke through the last vestige of T'Pol's control and the Vulcan moaned loudly as she climaxed.

She was amazed that T'Pol didn't fall as she came. Helping the Vulcan to recline, she stayed near the woman's now molten core, occasionally licking at the hot, spicy juices. When she wasn't sampling the woman's sex, she was running her tongue through the gray pubes to get every trace of moisture she could.

Finally, T'Pol pulled her face away, "Enough."

She crawled up next to the naked Vulcan and kissed her. T'Pol was slow to respond (something the other would come to accept in the weeks to come) but soon she parried the invading tongue with her own and began to return the kisses in a distinctly non-Vulcan manner.

Breaking away, T'Pol looked into her lover's dark eyes and said, "I believe I owe you the favor of reciprocating."

"Only if you want to," came the quiet, hopeful reply.

"Please remove your clothes," T'Pol commanded. As she hurried to comply, the older woman continued, "I never initiated anything with Hoshi. I do not know how well I will be able to fulfill your needs."

Tossing the last of her garments aside, the cadet lay down with T'Pol and replied, "Just do what you feel you can and remember what pleased you."

Nodding. T'Pol lowered her head and began to kiss the other woman's breasts. She was almost mechanical at first but soon lost her natural reserves and began to seriously arouse the younger woman.

When T'Pol moved between her legs, she again started to perform as if copying the act performed on her. But, as before, she lost her inhibitions. The Vulcan's tongue roved over every bit of hot flesh before dipping inside to taste the young woman beneath her. Through the use of her supple tongue and long, dexterous fingers, she brought the younger woman to a screaming climax.

When T'Pol raised her face from the sated woman's mound, her chin and cheeks glistened with her nectar. The Vulcan sensuously licked her lips as she crawled up the other's supine body. The girl licked herself off T'Pol's face before T'Pol brought their lips together, initiating a wet, passionate kiss.

They spent the night naked in each other's arms, trading soft caresses and loving kisses. The cadet was thrilled by this so-well hidden side of her instructor as well as feeling honored that T'Pol let her see this secret part of herself.

As Vulcan's sun crested the horizon, the young woman quietly left her new love and returned to her quarters.

This was the last time she stayed there. For the next several weeks of her training, she lived with T'Pol.

She even came to realize that, in private, T'Pol enjoyed letting go as much as she enjoyed melting the icy Vulcan facade. When not restricted by Vulcan habits, the older woman was quite an exciting lover.

But, with the rising of the Vulcan sun, that control, which guides virtually all aspects of Vulcan life, returned. The young woman jokingly called her Jekyll during the day and Ms. Hyde at night. T'Pol merely raised an eyebrow each time.

The two women carried on their affair quietly while the student's training went on, their private passion belied by their public demeanor. The student found herself quickly accepting many of the calming and the control techniques shown her by her lover. Her love and admiration grew in her while she simultaneously learned how to suppress the outward signs.

She cried quietly on her last night as T'Pol held her. It was the last time anyone saw such an emotional outburst from the young cadet. The next day she said goodbye to the lovely Vulcan and returned to Earth for her final term before graduation.

Her instructors and her advisors at the Academy were amazed at the change in the formerly chaotic, rarely cooperative student. They began to reevaluate sending cadets anywhere else for their off-world training than Vulcan.

As the years progressed, her lessons and further studies removed all apparent traces of emotions from her. She was called names behind her back and even to her face: Ice Princess, Queen Bitch, among others. She never allowed her detractors to know she even heard them. While never completely divorced from her emotions, the control was all-important and, to her, a tribute to the woman she loved and admired. She would remain this way until the day she died.

* * * * * *

USS Enterprise, First Officer's Quarters, 2254 AD (pre-Stardate reckoning)

Number One lay quietly, remembering how the older, wiser Vulcan had taken her and taught her so much. How to handle stressful situations. How to remain calm as chaos erupted about her. How to accept who and what she was. How to be at peace.

Glancing at the young blonde in her arms, Number One allowed a very rare, small smile to appear. She didn't know if she was in love with this girl. However, after the incredible events on Talos IV, J.T. Colt, Captain Pike's newest yeoman, had reached a part of her that few had since her cadet years.

Remembering J.T.'s reactions in the Talosian cell, Number One considered tutoring her in methods of calm and control...