Title: Experimenting

Author: Psycha ( deadestiny@yahoo.com )

Series: TNG, Parterre

Rating: NC-17 for not so wild lesbian sex

Codes: C/T

Parts: 1/1

Summary: Inspired by a quote… Just a slightly humorous piece of fluff, set somewhere during season five and part of the future of the Parterre series.

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Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Paramount, "I don't know where I get this reputation as a screamer" belongs to the lovely Ms. Sirtis. Everything else is mine.

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by Psycha

"Oh come on!"

Deanna peaked over the top of her cards and glanced at the faces of her friends. The playful affection they felt was wrapped around her like a warm blanket. After a second she put her cards face down on the table and threw two chips on the pile in the middle. "Meet your hundred, raise you another hundred and I did not!"

Will Riker laughed. "You screamed like a banshee Dea." She kicked Beverly under the table when the doctor joined Riker in laughter and met Crusher's apologetic look with a small grin. "Are you sure it's wise to raise the bet, you've been losing all evening." Ignoring his question, Deanna wondered if Will would still be laughing if he knew that Beverly would be the one coming home with her after the poker game. She pushed the thought of out her mind and glanced to Geordi and Data, looking for sympathy and finding none.

"I'm sorry counselor," Geordi apologized, his amusement stabbing her hurt ego, "but the commander's version does sound plausible." He folded his cards and indicated he was out.

"I did *not* scream when I saw his beard!" She glared at Beverly who descended into another fit of giggles. Will was about to comment, but Data beat him to it.

"I have to agree with Geordi, Counselor. Did you not laugh when I showed you and Geordi my beard?"

Stunned, Deanna gaped at the android. "I don't know where I got this reputation as a screamer!" she exclaimed indignantly. and with a sweet smile turned to her lover, fully aware that in Beverly's thoughts they were now doing something that would get them arrested on fifty different planets.

"There are nineteen instances in which you screamed since stardate 41153.7." Data retorted almost smugly. "In eight situations a prank was involved. One scream was in a reaction to an animal. Four seem to have been related to immediate danger to yourself and others, two were a reaction to pain and -"

Finding her voice Deanna cut him off. "That's quite enough Data!"

"Well, there's your answer," Geordi replied with a guffaw.

"Can't argue with the facts," Will agreed, turning bright blue eyes on her and throwing chips on the pile. "Show me what you've got Counselor." She turned her cards, never taking her eyes off his face. "A Royal Flush!" he exclaimed. "I don't believe it!"

"I'd be happy to scream if that would help you believe." She mocked, and collected her chips. Will grumbled and slumped in his chair. Beverly dared a wink, the direction of her thoughts still clearly unsuitable for an audience. Deanna bit her lip, having no defense against the erotic images her lover projected. "I think I'll end this evening on a high note."

"I should go too," Beverly chimed in, "I still have an experiment to conduct." They said their goodbyes and left the men behind in Riker's quarters.

Flexing her fingers at her sides Deanna stole a glance of Crusher's face as they walked down the corridor. "What kind of experiment do you have to conduct?" She questioned nonchalantly, trying not to show the disappointment she felt. She'd been hoping to have a little time alone with the redhead.

Beverly turned to look at her with a small smile tugging at her lips, her quiet anticipation suddenly very clear to Deanna. "Surely you don't expect me to take Data's facts at face value? At the very least I'd have to check if you really are a screamer."

Deanna had to suppress a moan right there and then, and glanced around to make sure nobody had overheard her lover's delightful idea. "You're going to torture me?!"

"Yes," Beverly replied, her grin growing, "I don't think you'll mind though."

The doors to the turbolift opened and gave them access to the empty cabin. Before she could react, Troi was already being dragged inside and pulled into a kiss. The doors closed, guarding them from unwanted eyes and Deanna met Crusher's tongue with her own, moaning into the kiss while silently berating herself for being unable to resist the redhead. She tangled her fingers in the long tresses of her lover's red-golden hair and tried to deepen the kiss even further, her tongue exploring leisurely. Hands raked across her back, brushing her ass on each down stroke.

"Please state a destination." The computer interrupted.

Laughing at their oversight Beverly broke away. "Deck eight, section two." The lift went into motion, gentle carrying them to their destination.

"So, about this experiment…?" Her prodding with met only with an impish smile.

"By the gods…" As a helpless puppet Deanna arched her back and bucked up against the long-fingered hand of her lover. Beverly's face loomed above her, a wicked smiled dancing in heated blue eyes. Fingers moved fast and deep inside her, drawing out a mangled cry with each thrust.

Lust and desire filled her senses, increasing her own and building on the erotic pressure that consumed her mind and body. There was only one way for this to end, and she knew that that was exactly what her lover had planned.

"Bev," Soft, wet lips silenced her, brushing lightly against her own. Gasping for breath she met them, eagerly accepting the redhead's questing tongue. She arched and moaned into the kiss when the fingers reached deeper inside her, stroking expertly along each sensitive spot and enslaving her completely. She trembled and shook. Stars exploded behind her eyes and her mind turned in on itself, echoing the pleasure that moistened and possessed her body.

She was barely aware of another finger pushing inside her, the extra pressure of the tight fit never registering to her conscious mind. She did feel sharp teeth sinking into the skin behind her ear and it was the final straw. A wall of exquisite ecstasy slammed into her, her body convulsing with the sheer force, trapped inside a white hot ball of intense passion. Blinded and overwhelmed all she knew was the powerful love that gave her these moments of complete freedom, of climaxes so strong her mind couldn't cope.

Beverly watched as her lover convulsed below her, Deanna's wet heat clenching around her fingers so erotically that she near came herself. Instead she kept thrusting, pumping her fingers deep and fast into the empath's body, determined to drive her to insanity.

Suddenly Deanna's eyes snapped open and the lust that consumed the Betazoid poured into her. She moaned and twisted, crossed and curled her fingers. She held her fingers pressed against the most sensitive spot, her palm resting on her lover's throbbing clit, riding the tremors that rocked her lover's world.

Deanna's eyes flashed, white heat escaping and licking at Beverly's face, luring her into overwhelming empathic ecstasy, giving her no choice but to let her lover's climax consume her as well. The pure passion was too much to bear, a scream tore through the air as Beverly felt herself slip into unconsciousness…

Beverly woke up after what could be centuries and found Deanna's limp body at her side. Her smile broadened when she realized her hand was still trapped between the brunette's thighs. Shifting to get more comfortable she lay quietly and watched her lover sleep. An involuntary shudder ran up her spine when she remembered the look of total ecstasy that had possessed Deanna's face earlier that evening. She loved driving the empath to that level of abandoned lust. It really was a shame these trysts were so exhausted for both of them.

Next to her Troi's body began to stir and her bedmate's eyes flutter open. She was a little disappointed to see that Deanna's eyes had turned back to their normal coal-black color. "Welcome back," she greeted, and leaned in to lightly kiss parched lips. Deanna smiled softly and tried to move, then moaned in surprise when she felt Beverly's fingers still inside her.

"I guess you wanted to make sure I wasn't going anywhere." Troi laughed soundlessly at her joke and Beverly's grew boarder when she felt her lover's amusement tickle at the back of her neck. She started to gently ease her trapped hand free. On a whim of wickedness she experimentally slid her fingers back, marveling at how tight Deanna was around her.


She tried another thrust, just to hear empath cry out again. Deanna shuddered and gasped. "Is something wrong?"

Troi bit her lip. "Nothing." She smiled back sweetly, straining against the redhead's fingers. "Did you come-" another gasp halted the brunette's question. Beverly smirked at her timing and kept thrusting slowly in and out of her lover. "- to a conclu-" She could tell Deanna was trying not to show how her ministrations were affect her, but the empath's unsteady voice told her all she needed to know. "-sion?" She neatly punctuated the end of the question with a sharp moan and then pulled away knowing Deanna was still exhausted from earlier.

"Yes," she answered, feigning professionalism as she pulled Deanna into her arms, hugging the brunette tightly, "it's safe to say you are indeed a screamer." Deanna's laughter turned into a yawn and Beverly reached to pull the sheets over their naked bodies. "And a sleepy one at that."

Troi nodded in agreement and reached up to kiss the redhead leisurely. "I think we should try and find out if you're a screamer as well." She smiled sweetly and Beverly released a shuddering breath when two fingers closed swiftly around her nipple. Deanna withdrew her fingers and placed a wet, soothing kiss on each of her lover's nipples before turning on her side and nudging Crusher to spoon behind her. The Doctor snuggled close and pressed a kiss and a smooth shoulder before locking her arms around her lover's waist.

"Tomorrow." Deanna promised, smiling secretively at the rush of arousal that ran through Beverly's mind and body.